People take football very seriously. Sometimes too seriously. I’m here to change that one play at a time. For any plays you’d like me to discuss Womens Kentrell Brice Jersey , tweet me at @farminvt.Jordan Howard: light of foot, patience of Ghandi, blocking like a ghost.Yeah.Bigger whiffsthan Giancarlo Stanton’s first home game as a Yankee.Worse misses than Shaq at the free throw line. How did we get here, though?What made me take time out of my day to point out that Jordan Howard, the starting running back for the Chicago Bears, doesn’t want to block for his fellow teammates?That’s an interesting story in and of itself.Last Sunday against the rivalry-leading Green Bay Packers, Chicago decided to pull out all the stops on their first offensive drive, lining up in some ridiculous formations that would make Pop Warner coaches proud. I mean look at this:A tackle split out wide with two receivers behind him, a tight end taking the tackle’s position...what will he think of next?!This is madness, and quite frankly if I was Mike McCarthy, I would whine and complain until the league changes the rules just like John Harbaugh did in 2015.NFL is supposed to stand for No Fun League and having people play out of position is clearly hurting the shield.The lunacy didn’t stop there.A few plays after the ‘tackle out wide’ debauchery, Chicago resorts to a Gruden-esque 1940’s formation with three running backs in the backfield. Insane, right? But it gets even weirder - they line up NEXT TO EACH OTHER. It’s like they’re kindergartners lining up to go to the lunchroom and have to use the buddy system. The three musketeers that got into the wrong profession.The Three Amigos with less funny hats.Get a load of this:There isn’t a single wide receiver on the field.This formation just SCREAMS pass, doesn’t it?Have you ever heard the phrase, “if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck”?Well, if it looks like a run, the formation says its a run, and it’s the Bears with Trubisky at quarterback, it’s probably a run.Sure as sweat on a summer day, Chicago tosses the ball to Tarik Cohen Youth Josh Jackson Jersey , cuts Nick Perry down at the knees, and they rumble forward for a gain of 7. Take that, dime formation.Tell me you saw Cohen’s lead blocker. Please.Here’s a hint: it’s Howard, #24.If you did, you’ll probably be chuckling at your desk right now.If you didn’t...How about now?I can hear Chris Berman’s “WHOOP” every time I watch it.I call this one the “ol茅” move - just like a matador, turn your hips and shoulders at the last second and wave bye-bye to your target. Howard even gave Tramon Williams, his target and eventual tackler, a high-five on his way by:What a nice guy.Chicago would eventually score (just like they eventually lost), so it didn’t end up affecting the drive, but this play definitely won’t be going on his year end highlight reel.That’s it for this week - remember to enjoy yourself, and as always, stay weird.Packers stock watch: Coming-out party for Jake Kumerow, Josh Jackson, Reggie Gilbert vs. Steelers In the vast majority of cases, one preseason game will not make or break a player’s chances for a contributing role or a spot on the season-opening roster. However, their performances make up part of the larger picture, something the Green Bay Packers’ coaches will consider as the preseason progresses.After the Packers’ 51-34 exhibition victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, several young players stood out, though not all did so in a positive manner.Stock upReggie GilbertReggie Gilbert ended any debate about whether he’d earn a roster spot or a regular role in the Packers defense. At this point, it has become abundantly clear that the former undrafted free agent will serve as the top backup edge rusher behind Clay Matthews and Nick Perry. Gilbert cemented that status with Thursday’s 2.5-sack performance.Given Gilbert’s upper trajectory -- practice squad in 2016, a late-season elevation to the active roster last year -- the question now becomes whether he can develop into more than a backup. Matthews’ contract expires next offseason, and Vince Biegel has shown little this offseason. Gilbert has a golden opportunity to build a long NFL career if he continues on this path.Josh JacksonThough the second of the two cornerbacks the Packers drafted in April, Josh Jackson possesses the best ball skills at his position in the 2018 rookie class. Jackson delivered a mostly solid debut a week ago and built well upon it on Thursday.Early in the third quarter Youth Jamaal Williams Jersey , Jackson jumped a Josh Dobbs pass and returned it 22 yards for his first professional pick-six. Just a few minutes later, the Packers sent Jackson back to return his first punt, something he sparingly did during his college career. Despite Steelers punter Jordan Berry booting the ball 56 yards, the rookie corner managed a 41-yard return. With last year’s punt returner Trevor Davis still sitting out with an injury, Jackson could earn another role for himself and potentially free up a spot in Green Bay’s receiving corps.Jake KumerowJake Kumerow continues to push for a spot on the 53-man roster. He hauled in one of DeShone Kizer’s passes on a deep-out route and turned it loose for an 82-yard score. Granted, Pittsburgh safety Nat Berhe should have stopped the wideout after just a short run, but Kumerow deserves credit for the quick acceleration and juke that led to the whiff.Kumerow left the game following his long touchdown for the medical tent and did not return. However, it appears the wideout only had a stinger and could have returned to action during a more meaningful game.Honorable mentionsDeShone Kizer - Following an uneven debut with the Packers, Kizer put his big arm on display. He fit passes through tight windows, including a dart outside the numbers to Kumerow on what would become an 82-yard touchdown.Robert Tonyan Jr. - Though he started training camp behind the Packers’ three veteran tight ends and second-year man Emanuel Byrd, Tonyan has worked his way into the discussion for a spot on the 53-man roster or practice squad. He caught several difficult passes on Thursday, headlined by an impressive touchdown on an end-zone fade during the second quarter.Stock downDemetri GoodsonEntering his fifth year and already 29 yards of age, Demetri Goodson faces long odds at a roster spot. While one of the Packers’ top contributors on special teams, Goodson has shown little during training camp and the preseason opener to suggest he could emerge from a crowded secondary and win a job.Goodson’s outlook took a turn for the worse against the Steelers. He gave up multiple receptions, including a touchdown in the back of the end zone that the veteran corner could have easily batted away. With roster spots already earmarked for veterans Tramon Williams and Davon House as well as recent early draft picks Kevin King, Jaire Alexander, and Jackson, Goodson would have to play lights out the remainder of the preseason to garner serious consideration for the 53-man roster.Kyle MurphyThough not his natural position, Kyle Murphy struggled mightily with speed rushers when protecting the quarterback’s blindside. Unfortunately for the third-year offensive lineman, he didn’t fare much better at right tackle. Murphy gave up pressures on both sides of the line, including a sack to Steelers outside linebacker Bud Dupree.Given the lack of faith the Packers coaching staff has placed in Jason Spriggs, Murphy’s shortcomings suggest the front office will look long and hard at veteran options to add depth during final cuts.